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Comply with Recordkeeping and Record Retention Requirements
For every position you have open, OFCCP requires that you maintain a record of your applicants and hires, interview notes, tests, test results, and retain these records for a specified number of years. Our system allows you to easily record each step of your process as it pertains to each specific job posting, applicant, hiring result, and any other data collected throughout the process.
  • Save job postings, applications, resumes, tests, and interview notes for each position
  • Store individual self-ID records on gender, minority, disability, and protected veteran status
  • Maintain a record of your selection and hiring decisions at each stage of your process
Maintain Critical Evidence of Postings to Employment Service Delivery Systems (ESDS)
OFCCP’s mandatory job listing requirement under VEVRAA requires employers to list their jobs with the ESDS (also known as State Job Banks) and provide proof of compliance. Our system ensures you have all the necessary documentation, including a PDF snapshot of the posting on the ESDS, and the confirmation ID number from the ESDS with the date it was posted.
  • Experienced Compliance Team handles the entire process
  • Retain proof of compliance with ESDS confirmation IDs and PDF snapshots
  • Detailed records and instant access to all vital information
Meet Your Affirmative Action Goals with our Outreach Management System
No matter what your specific Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) needs are, our Outreach Management System (OMS) provides the resources and tools to execute your action-oriented programs. Our relationships with community organizations and their contacts provide access to everything you need. Effortlessly collect information on all communication and outreach results for your AAP.
  • Nationwide coverage with our network of 15,000+ community-based organizations
  • Notify organizations of job openings and build personal connections
  • Maintain specific documentation of outreach activities and conversations in one place
Demonstrate Proper Documentation With On-Demand Reporting
Whether you’re assessing your outreach efforts, performing a self-audit, or submitting reports to the OFCCP, you can access all your information with a couple of clicks. Immediately export data related to ESDS job postings, outreach efforts, applicant and hire data, communications, and your hiring process. This simple function places all required documentation at your fingertips.
  • Instant 24-hour access to documentation and reporting
  • Reports can be generated by job title, reference numbers, location, and date range
  • Conveniently export your reports to Excel or CSV formats
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